Experiential learning

‘Experiential learning’ refers to the variety of ways in which you can enhance the instruction you receive in classrooms and lecture halls with direct experiences outside those traditional academic settings.  Experiential learners often engage in internships, service learning, study abroad, field trips, and other creative and professional experiences.

The Department of Geography deeply values the experiential aspect of learning and incorporates it into many of our courses.  In doing so, we promote interdisciplinarity, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and other skills.  The links below will lead you to more information about the sorts of experiential learning opportunities available in Geography.

GEOG 111

GEOG 312

GEOG 412

GEOG 455

GEOG 213

GEOG 313

GEOG 420

GEOG 497 / URB 694

GEOG 241

GEOG 310

GEOG 449

GSU Trip

GEOG 261

GEOG 324

GEOG 451 / 651