Experiential Learning

Map of the locations covered by the tour https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zOnJZA_DMJk0.kKRi-wfezorI&usp=sharing

Geog 261- Encountering the City

Go to Town!  A Self-Directed Fieldtrip in Metro Vancouver

This self-directed fieldtrip is intended to help students ‘ground’ the knowledge they develop in class within the spaces of our urban region.  It is also intended to indulge and enhance students’ interest in exploring cities.  Specific objectives are: (1) to engage in experiential learning – to understand the city through direct encounters; (2) to connect concepts and themes from the course readings and lectures to real places in the city; (3) to replace a formal research essay with a different form of assignment that will provide students with a more visceral engagement with the city while still requiring you to learn by writing about urban geography.

Here’s what students do:

  • Go to town.  Follow written instructions, a map, and a downloadable audio guide to at least 10 sites in the Metro Vancouver region indicated.  At each stop on the tour, students listen to an audio commentary on their phone and look around the location.
  • Take note.  The written portion of this assignment asks students to reflect on their experience, based on field notes.  Participants are asked to take note of what they are seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking during the trip.
  • Take selfies and other photos to illustrate their written report.
  • Write an essay.  In your written submission, reflect on your experience of the fieldtrip and relate your experiences to themes from the class.

Scenes from the field