Experiential Learning

Karaoke during the “Soundscapes of Wellbeing” tutorial.

GEOG 420 - Cultural Geography

This course focuses on one of the most elusive yet mundane of all geographical phenomena: culture. In order to address the complexity of culture, GEOG 420 tutorials engage in numerous practices that aim to make culture - in all of its various guises - come alive. Emphasizing the importance of creativity, experimentation, and immersive experiences, tutorials have involved campus-based treasure hunts to illustrate the trials of navigating a cultural landscape, a mock-up rave in Goa, India to consider the spatiality of bodies and music; role-playing airport border security scenarios to examine issues of power and identity; playing Grand Theft Auto to consider the virtual spaces of class, gender, and race; and, karaoke to examine the aesthetics of words and soundscapes.