Experiential Learning

GEOG 449 - City and Environment

As part of their course work, GEOG 449 students hosted a workshop on urban planning approaches to urban resilience at Surrey City Hall. The day of learning featured background preparation of materials and syntheses of work in the emerging field of urban resilience planning, brainstorming about effective workshop engagement, dialogue and exchange, and strategic thinking about what makes a multistakeholder conversation effective. We hosted a panel of researcher perspectives with  panelists from UBC, Royal Roads and SFU, a panel of municipal  perspectives from Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond, and a  panel of industry perspectives from social housing, urban development, and  planning and design companies. The day also included a tour of the Crescent Beach neighbourhood in South Surrey, with guides from the City of Surrey talking to us about the city's recent efforts to engage residents in tough conversations about flooding, sea level rise and resilience planning.  

photo credit Matt Campbell

Scenes from the field

Quotes from students

It is a good feeling to know that academic research and discussion find entrance into the economy and to see how resilience thinking can be incorporated into business. Maybe this takes away a bit of the feeling that the term resilience is hard to grasp.

Some of the best parts of the workshop were when there was a lively back and forth discussion among the panelists in regards to a specific urban planning subject.

I really liked the tour to Crescent Beach, Carrie and her college were so helpful and explained all the concepts and thoughts not only about the engineering aspects but especially about the inclusion of the residents. I think she is a very special engineer that cares a lot about the people she is planning and constructing for.

I must admit,the speakers are truly outstanding, and more importantly, the speakers, collectively, construct the process to establish and transfer the idea of resilience into real life and break down the process it takes, which is truly inspiring. Learning from textbook is one thing, but, also, listening to speakers provides some totally different.