Experiential Learning

Karaoke during the “Soundscapes of Wellbeing” tutorial.

GEOG 451/651 - Spatial Modeling

Students enrolled in the Fall 2017 GEOG451/651 course on Spatial Modeling had a one day field trip on November 10th to join the 64th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International (NARSC 2017) held in Vancouver. This field trip provided a capstone experience for students interested to learn more about advanced topics related to research in spatial modeling within a conference setting and by attending a series of special sessions on GeoComputation organized by Drs. Suzana Dragicevic (SFU), Zahayoa Gong (U. of Birmingham) and Jean-Claude Thill (UNC, Charlotte). Students had the opportunity to engage with research related to the course topics through research presentations from our graduate students Taylor Anderson, Alex Smith and Frederick Lafrance affiliated with the Spatial Analysis and Modeling Laboratory, SFU Geography Department, as well as other international conference participants. This field trip would not have been possible without the generous support of Dr. Neil Reid (U. of Toledo) and the NARSC 2017 conference organizers.