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SFU's Study Abroad program allows students to gain international experience while working toward their degree by participating in an Exchange or Field School term abroad. Learn more...

The Department of Geography also offers an International Field Study course, GEOG 497-5, that may be of interest to students studying geography. Topics and locations vary. See where we're going next!

Featured Experience Stories

Jory Cadman - 2017 Spring (University of Ghana, Ghana)
Seraphina Skands - 2016 Summer (Lund University, Sweden)
Jonathan Craig - 2017 (UEA, England)
Sonia Sahota – Fall 2018 (University of Glasgow, Scotland)

GEOG 497-5 International Field Study

Summer 2017 - Urban Resilience in the Rhine-Ruhr Region, Germany

Interested in completing upper division geography credits while travelling abroad and learning about urban resilience planning and policy in Germany? This summer, 15 SFU undergraduate students will travel to the European Green Capital region for 2017 to learn about urban greening, the German approach to urban planning and policy, the new buzzword urban resilience and what lies behind it. We will be hosted in Germany by our colleagues at TU-Dortmund and will also spend time throughout the Rhine-Ruhr region, in cities such as Essen, Cologne, and Bonn. Expected dates of travel to Germany are June 18-July 2nd.

Contact Dr. Meg Holden for more information.