Assistant Professor of Gerontology | Undergraduate Program Chair

Room: SFU Vancouver, Room 2800

Theodore D. Cosco

Theodore D Cosco, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Mental Health & Aging at the Department of Gerontology, Simon Fraser University and Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford.

Dr. Cosco is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) trained in applied social research methods (MSc 2011, Trinity College Dublin), and epidemiology (PhD 2015, University of Cambridge). For his contributions to pedagogy, he has been elected to Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and for contributions to psychology Associate Fellowship of the British Psychological Society. Recently, he received the Early Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association and European Health Psychology Society, the Young Investigator Colloquium Scholarship from the American Psychosomatic Society, as well as becoming the youngest recipient of the Canadian Association on Gerontology’s Recognition Award for Excellence in Longitudinal Research in Honour of Betty Havens.

At age 12 Dr. Cosco began volunteering at a long-term care facility, beginning what would become a life-long passion for gerontology and the aging process. Using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, Dr. Cosco examines a range of factors that promote healthy aging and resilience in older adults, from digital interventions to physical activity.


  • 2015: PhD (Public Health and Primary Care), University of Cambridge
  • 2011: MSc (Applied Social Research), Trinity College Dublin
  • 2009: BSc (Psychology), University of Alberta


Book Chapters

  • Rowe, J. W., Cosco, T. D. (2016) Successful aging. In V. Bengsten & R. Stettersten (Eds.) Handbook of Theories of Aging. (pp. 539-550). Springer Publishing Company

Journal Articles

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Healthy aging: functional trajectory modelling, resilience in adversity, positive psychology, social support, social isolation, loneliness, lifestyle behaviors (e.g. physical activity); Mental health: wellbeing, quality of life, depression, anxiety; Life course epidemiology: longitudinal analysis, latent variable modelling, population-level health; Research methods: qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistics, data collection, survey methods; eHealth: health and technology, mobile health, technology-driven data collection methods, the internet of things