Knowledge Mobilization Symposium

Person-Centred Care for Older Adults with Dementia in BC and Hong Kong

May 6–7

Canada and Hong Kong are both home to rapidly aging populations. In Hong Kong, the percentage of citizens aged 65 or older increased from 12% of the population in 2006 to a new high of 16% in 2016. Currently, older people are 16.9% of Canada’s population and are expected to rise to between 23% and 25% by 2013. These demographic changes present challenges for the planning and delivery of adequate and appropriate levels of care and services for older adults in the continuum, i.e. home care, residential, long-term care, acute care.

Within care homes in Canada, dementia is one of the most common health conditions, with three in five residents having the diagnosis in their health record. Older people represent near half of emergency hospital visits, and many patients in acute care beds have dementia. Care for older people with dementia has been identified as challenging across care settings where routines often take priority over the needs of older people. Person-centred care has been espoused as the desired dementia care philosophy as it considers people’s desires, values, family situations, social circumstances, and lifestyles. It pushes caregivers to see the person as an individual and work together to develop an appropriate solution. However, challenges remain in the implementation of such a care approach, including lack of appropriate policies and commitment to resources, organizational and regulatory barriers, inadequate training and education of staff, and entrenched professional and caregiving practices resistant to culture change. With these factors in combination with the high concentration of Chinese-Canadian older adults (from mainland China and Hong Kong) in Metro Vancouver, the regional health authorities recognize the need for planning and providing culturally-sensitive care and support services.

This Symposium brings together a group of researchers, healthcare providers, and policymakers from British Columbia and Hong Kong to highlight research, current key issues, and challenges in implementing person-centred dementia care in both residential and acute care settings in these two regions. A critical and comparative look at the latest research, innovative person-centred care practices, organizational policies, staffing models and resident/patient outcomes in BC and Hong Kong will provide a useful platform for cross-national and cross-cultural exchange, learning, and adaptations.

Department of Gerontology, Simon Fraser University
Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Office of the Vice-President, Research, Simon Fraser University
David Lam Centre for International Communication, Simon Fraser University


  • May 6–7, 2019
  • SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tickets are $50. Link to purchase is below.