Knowledge Mobilizers: Collaboration reaps rewarding benefits for SFU gerontology researchers

October 20, 2020

Knowledge Mobilizers is a story series from the Knowledge Mobilization Hub that highlights knowledge mobilization (KM) projects around the university. At SFU, KM is about collaborating on, and sharing, research discoveries to create a positive impact in our far-reaching communities.

By Lupin Battersby

Public spaces that address the needs of the 2.7-million Canadians living with a mobility disability are at the heart of a collaborative knowledge mobilization (KM) project involving SFU gerontology researchers Atiya Mahmood and Delphine Labbé. But the project delivered more than community impact, they say. Sharing their knowledge also reaped career and academic benefits.

As members of the national Canadian Disability Participation Project and a collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Labbé and Mahmood worked on the dEMAND project—Enabling Mobility and Participation Among Those with Disabilities. The project explored... read more on SFU News.