Caedyn Lennox

MA Student
Global Humanities
Supervisor: Samir Gandesha

Areas of interest

Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, philosophy of music, aesthetics, and the relationship between art, culture, mythology, and the stories societies and individuals construct for themselves.


  • BA, Humanities and History, Simon Fraser University


Caedyn Lennox is a MA candidate at SFU under the supervision of Samir Gandesha. Caedyn’s MA thesis is exploring Richard Wagner’s intellectual influence on Friedrich Nietzsche with a specific focus on Nietzsche’s pre-"Birth of Tragedy" philological work. Through a close analysis of Nietzsche’s philological writings, from the period of 1870–71, this work aims to highlight the influence of Wagner on the development of Nietzsche’s Apollonian drive, as found within "Birth of Tragedy." Caedyn has also recently proposed and successfully hosted the first Graduate conference, titled "Transformation and Change," in the Department of Humanities in March 2022.