Funding & Costs

Globalink Research Award provides $6000 in total to support student travel and accommodation expenses as well as a student stipend.

Please consider the following when planning your visit:

  • Award recipients are encouraged to seek support from other funding sources for longer durations and use prudence when allocating funds to travel and accommodations.
  • Award recipients can expect to receive their funds within 1 to 2 weeks after their arrival to Canada. Award recipients are advised that they must secure enough funds to cover all upfront costs until the SFU-Mitacs award is disbursed. Please see below for a list of expenses to consider. Neither SFU nor Mitacs are able to transfer any funds to the award recipients until they physically arrive in Canada and submit the required documents. Students are required to submit the code of conduct and international pre-departure forms back to Mitacs at least one month prior to travel in order for Mitacs to release the award letter and funds.
  • Should a student end their visit earlier than anticipated, the student may be required to refund a prorated amount of the award.
  • It is important to be aware of the cost of living in British Columbia. We recommend budgeting at least $2000 (Canadian dollars) per month to live in Vancouver. 
  • Consider the following estimated expenses, especially the ones you will need to pay before you receive the award funds:
Average Cost
Visa and/or Work Permit
On-campus Housing $229-$360* per week
Travel Insurance
$1.45-$5 per day
Cellphone plan $60-$100 per month
Food and groceries $150-$250 per week
Flight $600-$2000
Other (ex. sightseeing)  $100-$1000
*Please note, there is a $50 application fee to apply for on-campus housing. If an offer is made, a non-refundable $700 confirmation payment is required as part of the acceptance of the offer for housing. The confirmation payment will be applied towards your residence fee. Students need to be prepared to pay these fees in advance of receiving the awards.
Undergraduate students are required to pay the Student Activity Fee and the Universal Transit Pass.