Immigration documents

Recipients of the Mitacs Globalink Research Award are invited to Simon Fraser University via several immigration pathways. See below the pathways available to you. The Coordinator, International Research Moblity will be in communication with you regarding the immigration document application. 

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Immigration Pathways

For visits less than 120 days (<17 weeks) 

Visiting research students may come to Canada under visitor status for which a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) will be required, depending on the country of citizenship.

However, we encourage visiting research students to apply for a study permit or work permit if there is a possibility of extending their stay in Canada — having a valid study or work permit can make the extension process easier. 

For visits more than 120 days (>17 weeks)

Students are required to apply for a work permit. Please contact for assistance with the application process.