Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What support can I receive from SFU as a supervisor?

A: The Coordinator, International Research Mobility can provide support on:

  • Any question related to the SFU-Mitacs Globalink Research Award program

  • Advising students on pre-arrival preparation such as travel arrangements, medical insurance, and accommodation

  • Required documentation for visa applications and SFU Visiting Research Student admissions.

  • Administering funding disbursement to students


Q: When will I be receiving my funds?

  • A: Award recipients can expect to receive their funds within 1 to 2 weeks after your arrival to Canada. Please contact once you have arrived in Canada.


Q: How do I access my funds?

  • A: For undergraduate and graduate students:
  • You will need to apply for a Social Insurance Number and set up a Canadian bank account. Once you have done both AND confirmed your arrival with SFU International, you will receive the award on your SFU student account as credits. The credits will be applied immediately to any outstanding fees first (e.g. Residence fees, etc). You can request a refund of the remainder to your Canadian bank account via direct deposit. Tutorial on how to set up direct deposit can be found here.
  • A: For Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • You will receive the award via payroll either in a cheque or being direct deposited into your Canadian bank account. Please note that you will only be able to receive the award after you have submitted documents required for payroll.