Awards and Financial Assistance

Graduate Fellowships and Awards

Some GLS students are eligible to apply for Graduate Fellowships and for Private Awards administered by SFU. Scholarships and fellowships for graduate students are administered by the Dean of Graduate Studies office. To find out more, visit the Grad Studies website.

GLS staff regularly sends out notices about Private Awards, Graduate Fellowships, and other funding opportunities, but it doesn't hurt to keep abreast of that information yourself as well. Here is the link to the Private Awards page.

Please note that a Graduate Fellowship requires that the recipient be registered full-time, which means either taking two courses at once or being enrolled in LS 998 (Extended Essays) or LS 999 (MA Project).

If using the Awards Database, also on that page, please note that the abbreviation for our program on this particular site is LBRS, not GLS.

BC Graduate Entrance Scholarships

GLS is able to offer Graduate Entrance Scholarships of $15,000 to two students in the incoming cohort (to be paid at $5,000 a term in each of the three terms).

Ewan Clark Memorial Award in Graduate Liberal Studies

The Ewan Clark Memorial Award, worth approximately $900, is available to our students who have a demonstrated history as an artist, musician, writer, or actor. This award is made annually from a portion of the income earned from the endowment fund.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Award in Graduate Liberal Studies

The purpose of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Award is to provide financial support and recognition to a graduate student working on a capstone project (e.g., extended essay, a project, or a thesis) in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program.

Julie Andreyev—Animal Lover Scholarship in Animal Ethics

The purpose of the Julie Andreyev—Animal Lover Scholarship in Animal Ethics is to recognize and provide financial support to one or more graduate students in Graduate Liberal Studies who are pursuing research and/or critical art practive in relation to expanding ethics for other-than-human animals.

L.R. Wright Award

GLS also has its own bursary, the L.R. Wright Award, worth about $500, available only to our students.  If sufficient funds are available, and multiple students meet the criteria for this scholarship, multiple scholarships of equal value may be granted. Bursaries are accessible through Student Services - scroll down to "Bursary/Work Study Application." You'll need your computing ID to log in to this page.

Michael Fellman Graduate Prize

The purpose of this prize is to recognize a student in a Master of Arts degree program in the Department of History or the GLS program who has written the best essay or thesis. The prize alternates each year between History and GLS until the endowment funds can support two prizes, one in each department valued at approximately $500.  For more details about the award, click here.