Writing Support

SFU offers a lot of research and writing support for graduate and undergraduate students, and it is free. 

Our Simons Chair Fellows are GLS Mentors available to help students develop their writing. The Simons Chairs can help with writing a paper for a course or with graduation options including extended essays and projects. Whatever you are working on, we recommend that you consult with mentors early in order to derive maximum benefit from their advice on organization, structure, research, and expression.

The Student Learning Commons offers many workshops on specific aspects of research and writing. It is geared more for undergraduate students, but it does offer some good handouts on different aspects of researching and writing. 

The Research Commons is part of the SFU Library.  It supports SFU Grad students in any department.They also have many workshops, which pertain specifically to the research and writing needs of graduate students. They also have a read ahead service, if you need support crafting a longer piece of writing. It is not an editing service, but in your appointment, you can gain support for shaping and structuring your argument more effectively. For more information visit https://www.lib.sfu.ca/about/branches-depts/rc/writing/graduate-writing-resources

Mike McIntosh, an SFU Librarian, specifically supports the Graduate Liberal Studies program. He is available, by appointment, at the Harbour Centre in Belzberg Library if you need research support. https://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/research-assistance/subject/liberal-studies is a specific research and reference source for Liberal Studies students.

Referencing Systems keeping track of your sources is important. Here is an overview of some different referencing systems available https://www.lib.sfu.ca/find/research-tools/citation-software