David Loy: Wisdom Amidst Crisis, September 19, 2019

Wisdom Amidst Crisis: The Case for Ecodharma in the Anthropocene
A presentation by David R. Loy, Ph.D.

Thursday, September 19, 2019
6:30pm to 8:00pm
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street
Room 7000 (7th Floor)


Is the ecological crisis also a spiritual crisis? There are profound parallels between our perennial personal predicament, according to Buddhist teachings, and the predicament of our now-global civilization today in relation to the rest of the biosphere.

Presenter Bio:

David Robert Loy is a professor of Buddhist and comparative philosophy, writer, and Zen teacher in the Sanbo Zen tradition of Japanese Zen Buddhism. A prolific author of 11 books, translated into many languages, including a modern classic, Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy, his most recent publication is titled: Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis. David lectures nationally and internationally on various topics, focusing primarily on the encounter between Buddhism and modernity: what each can learn from the other. He is especially concerned about social and ecological issues. Presently he is offering workshops on Transforming Self, Transforming Society and on Ecodharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Precipice. He is also one of the founding members of the new Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center In Colorado: rockymountainecodharmaretreat.org. Also see his personal website: http://www.davidloy.org  

Dr. David R. Loy’s talk is hosted by Dr. Heesoon Bai (Faculty of Education), Dr. Paul Crowe (Department of Humanities), Dr. Sasha Colby (Graduate Liberal Studies Program), and Dr. Michael Hathaway (David Lam Centre for International Communication) at Simon Fraser University. This event is made possible through generous support from their respective home departments.