Upcoming GLS MA Defences, Fall 2018

November 02, 2018

James Harder
Tuesday, November 20

Project Title: O Dio Che Bella: A Novella Project
Room 1520 - 10:30 am


The question - what happens to emotionally repressed, distracted, detached, freedom-loving Anglo-North American visitors who come to Italy and actually encounter the alleged freedom that Italy offers? - is examined by means of research creation - fiction writing.  In the form of a novella, a synthesis of major GLS themes

Stacie Gin
Tuesday, November 27

Project Title: Then, and Only Then: Long Sleeves and Endless Dreams
Room 3100 - 11:00 am


A two-part personal narrative as an attempt to provide a memoir in letter form, written from  my current self to my future self, after time and age have potentially ravaged my body and mind.