PhD Program

Note: We are not currently accepting PhD applications

The Graduate Liberal Studies program is proud to provide a home for an an interdisciplinary PhD cohort program through the Faculty of Graduate Studies Special Arrangements Program (SAR).  Since our inception in 2013, we have enrolled 11 doctoral candidates, each finding a home in GLS for their unique academic specialties.  

These Special Arrangement PhDs are unique in three significant ways.  

  • All PhD proposals are notably interdisciplinary – i.e. not more logically done within an existing discipline.
  • GLS provides an intellectual and administrative ‘home’ for the students, including opportunities to participate in seminars and other events.
  • Senior Supervisors forLS/SAR PhD students sponsored by the Graduate Liberal Studies Program include faculty on our Steering Committee, who are familiar with the interdisciplinary model of academic learning that is the core strength of the GLS experience.

This Ph.D. program is highly selective; each year we accept a small number of students who fit within the GLS/SAR model of interdisciplinary studies. This Doctoral opportunity is currently only open to current SFU GLS students or SFU GLS alums.

The application process is time consuming, complex and rigorous and prospective applicants are advised to start early in thinking about a research proposal, securing a supervisory committee and mastering the OASIS on-line Grad Studies system.  For more information, please visit the Special Arrangements in Graduate Studies website