LS 813: Everyday Enlightenment

Fall 2014  | Dr. Heesoon Bai

Human beings have the unique ability to become aware of and alter their own existential beingness, vis-a-vis consciousness frameworks, worldviews, optics, perspectives, sense perceptions, affective values, and body states. They have the capacity to access and negotiate multiple states/dimensions of lived realilty. This course is both a theoretical excursion into, and a practical experiment in, this very human capacity and ability. As an interdisciplinary philosophical project, we will inquire into the phenomena of 'awakening,' and explore everyday, every moment opportunities to experience enlightenment. A particular focus of this course is self-cultivation in terms of embodiment, healing, self-knowledge, and integration within the self and of the self with the world.

Main Texts:

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Carter, R. E. (1992). Becoming bamboo: Western and Eastern explorations of the meaning of life. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press.

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