Write in support

We’re closer than ever to bringing the gondola to SFU, but our local elected representatives need to hear from you before a final decision is made.

The reasons are clear: it's cost effective to operate. It’s better for the environment. And it provides reliable year-round service, even when it snows.

Now, we're asking you to share your transportation story with Burnaby's Mayor and Council and let them know why you support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola. Be sure to include your name and address when writing to ensure your letter is considered.

Send your letter to the following addresses: clerks@burnaby.ca, mayor@burnaby.ca, pietro.calendino@burnaby.ca, sav.dhaliwal@burnaby.ca, dan.johnston@burnaby.ca, colleen.jordan@burnaby.ca, joe.keithley@burnaby.ca, james.wang@burnaby.ca, Katrina.Chen.mla@leg.bc.ca, Terry.beech@parl.gc.ca, gondola@translink.ca, comms_marketing@sfu.ca.

After you write in support, consider asking your family and friends to do the same.

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