Proceedings of the Poster Session of the 33rd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

Simon Fraser University
Working Papers in Linguistics
Volume 5

The West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics  (WCCFL) is an annual linguistics conference normally held in the spring and hosted by an insititution in western North America. It focuses on the theoretical analyses of natural languages in the areas of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. 

WCCFL 33 was hosted by Simon Fraser University at the Harbour Centre Campus in Vancouver, BC, on 27-29 March 2015. Kyle Johnson, Heather Goad, and Matt Wagers were plenary speakers. The abstract booklet, which includes the conference program, can be downloaded here.

This volume of SFU Working Papers in Linguistics includes papers from the poster session, and we extend our gratitude to the authors for contributing their work to our growing volume. 

Please note that the proceedings from the talk presentations will be published by Cascadilla Press.

Editorial Team
Editors-in-chief: Pocholo Umbal and Kyeong-min Kim
Editors: Kelli Finney, Mara Katz, Lisa Shorten, Queenie Chan, Sophie Nickel-Thompson, Tanie Cheng, Trevor Block

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Erin Ament and Anya Lunden
College of William and Mary

Experimental Evidence for the Syllabic Role of Word-final Consonants

Laurence B-Violette
Harvard University
Obviating Obviation in French Ditransitive Clauses
Isabelle Charnavel
Harvard University
Let You be Bound to Me (and Me to You)
WooJin Chung
New York University
On Korean Pro-form kuleh: Variation in Extractability and Size of Ellipsis
Rose-Marie Déchaine and Natalie Weber
University of British Columbia
Head-Merge, Adjuct-Merge, and the Syntax of Root Categorisation
Alex Drummond1 and Dave Kush2
1Queen Mary University of London; 2Haskins Laboratories 
Decomposing the Spanish Causative Reflexive Passive
Hannah Forsythe
Michigan State University
Gradable Path Prepositions as Measure-of-Change Functions
Laura Kalin
University of Connecticut
Morphological Reversal in Amadiya as Late Agreement
Florian Lionnet
University of California, Berkeley
Phonological Teamwork as Quantal Markedness
Jon Ander Mendia
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Non-Atomic Distributivity and Typicality
Dongwoo Park
University of Maryland
Korean and Japanese Specificational Psuedoclefts as Caseless NP Extraction
Morgan Rood
Georgetown University
Contextual Allomorphy in the Mehri DP
Anisa Shardl
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Two Kinds of Partial Movement: Evidence from Dholuo and German Wh-Questions
Koji Shimamura
University of Connecticut, Storrs and Mie University
A Non-conversion Approach to Dative-Nominative Conversion in Germanic
Adrian Stegovec
University of Connecticut
It's not Case, It's Personal! Reassessing the PCC and Clitic Restrictions in O'odham and Warlpiri
Neda Todorović
University of Connecticut
Unifying VP-ellipsis and Aspectual Tenses: On the Cross-linguistic Presence/Absence of TP
Vera Zu
New York University
A Two-Tiered Theory of the Discourse