Working Papers Vol. 1

Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Northwest Linguistics Conference (2007)

Marion C. Caldecott
University of British Columbia
Acoustic correlates of St’át’imcets stress p1-9
Mario E. Chávez-Peón
University of British Columbia
Loanword phonology in San Lucas Quiaviní Zapotec (SLQZ) p10-19
Kwok Tim Choi
Simon Fraser University
Formation of a Chinese cleft sentence p20-33
Young-In Choi
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Two Korean negative markers, Ani and Mos p34-47
Christiana Christodoulou
University of British Columbia
Consonant changes in Cypriot Greek: the [CjV] sequence effect p48-61
Donald Derrick
University of British Columbia
Syllabification and Blackfoot /s/ p62-76
Niki-Pagona Efstathopoulou
Simon Fraser University
The influence of second language learning on speech production by Greek/English bilinguals: the case of VOT p77-88
Lorna Fadden
Simon Fraser University
Can’t stand the heat: Suspects’ attention-deflecting strategies p89-98
Reza Falahati
University of Ottawa
The use of hedging across different disciplines and rhetorical sections of research articles p99-112

David H. Fournier
University of Toronto

Applicatives and possession: A clue from Japanese p113-118
Hudu Fusheini
University of British Columbia
Morphological category and nasal contrast in Dagbani p 119-132
Loreley Hadic-Zabala
Simon Fraser University
The genre of on-line personal ads p133-144
Kristín M. Jóhannsdóttir
University of British Columbia
The progressive constructions and frequency adverbs in Icelandicp145-155
Lan Kim
Simon Fraser University
Ditransitive-verb construction in Korean p156-164
Mayo Kudo
Simon Fraser University
What is lost in translation? p165-174
Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz andPawel Rutkowski
Yale University

The frequency of use of Polish numerals does not influence their syntaxp175-186

Kosuke Nagasue
California State University – Fresno
Two types of pre-nominal numeral classifier in Japanese p187-196
A. Rasolofo
University of Oregon
Alignments in Malagasy p197-206
Anne Rimrott
Simon Fraser University
The discourse structure of research article abstracts – A Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) analysis p207-220
Pawel Rutkowski
Yale University
Some remarks on the syntax of genitival phrases in Lithuanian p221-231
Nima Sadat-Tehrani
University of Manitoba
The intonation of cause in Persian p232-242
Yasuko Sakurai
Simon Fraser University
Centering in Japanese: How to rank forward-looking centers in a complex sentence p243-256
Dennis Ryan Storoshenko
Simon Fraser University
Seems like a double-object p257-265
Jun Tian
University of Victoria
Categorical status of the BA construction in Mandarin Chinese p266-279
Antoine Tremblay
University of Alberta
A Cognitive Approach to Accomplishments, Fundamentally Imperfective Accomplishments, and Achievements with and without Preliminariesp280-287
Suzanne Evans Wagner
University of Pennsylvania
When /iyC/ and /eyC/ seem the same p288-297