Working Papers Vol. 3

Proceedings of the 26th Northwest Linguistics Conference (2010)

Editors: Angela Cooper, Emrah Görgülü, Emma Mileva, David Potter
Copyright (2010) of SFU Linguistics Graduate Student Association

Alexis Black, Hannah Greene
University of British Columbia 
The Role of Aktionsart: Redefining the Tense and Aspectual Grammar of Kwak’wala
Debopam Das 
Simon Fraser University
The Uses and Distribution of Non-Progressive Verbs in Progressive Forms in English: A Corpus-based Study
Valerie Freeman 
University of Washington
Hyperarticulation and attitude expression
Ashleigh Rhea Gonzales 
Simon Fraser University
Just and Intensifier Use in Online Personal Ads
Emrah Görgülü 
Simon Fraser University
Nominals and the Count/Mass Distinction in Turkish
Analía Gutiérrez
University of British Columbia
On Nivaclé Determiners na, xa, ka, pa
Kueilien Hsu 
Simon Fraser University
A corpus-based, Centering Theory approach to clitic doubling in Spanish telephone conversations
Heidi B. Kent
Simon Fraser University
The Efficacy of Enhanced Subtitles plus Explicit Grammatical Instruction on the Acquisition of L2 Grammatical Structures
Dan McCloy
University of Washington
The Semantics of Implicitly Relational Predicates
Emma Mileva
Simon Fraser University
Effects of Anonymity: Discourse Analysis of Conversation in Electronic Brainstorming

Akitsugu Nogita
University of Victoria

Orthographic Help for Japanese ESL Learners’ Production of /s/, /S/ and /ei/
Mehran Norafkan
Simon Fraser University
Cultural Awareness and Second Language Learning

Laurel Preston
University of Washington

Temporal Interpretation of Quantified Subject Noun Phrases in English