Return to Campus Info for Graduate Students

As we work to keep our communities safe and healthy for the return to campus, we're also here to keep you informed as things change, sometimes quite rapidly.

We have returned to in-person operations and are happy to assist you either in person our through our ticketing system, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. Responses take approximately 3 business days.

Last Updated July 13, 2020

Get your vaccination at SFU Burnaby & SFU Surrey campuses (no appt or Personal Health Number needed): August 30 - September 22

Follow the latest updates on guidelines on SFU's Return to Campus page.

Newly Arriving Graduate Students to Canada

If you are outside of Canada and will not be coming to Canada for the spring 2021 term, you can opt-out now by completing a declaration and submitting it before January 30, 2021. Learn more ➝

You may be eligible to opt out of the GSS extended health plan. Please check the studentcare website if you qualify.  

Effective January 7, all air passengers aged five and older must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result to the airline before boarding a flight to Canada from another country. This does not replace the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement, which remains in effect.

For details, see the Government of Canada announcement.

All travelers arriving in Canada are required by law to self-isolate (quarantine) for 14 days. Please see this self-isolation guide to learn more about how to self-isolate and what contactless options for getting food (necessities) are available.

You are required to register your plan with SFU.

Please visit SFU CARES Program for additional information and assistance.

Updates for international students

Review information for travel and immigration with International Services for Students. As things evolve and change, they will provide up-to-date information. Learn more →

Added August 13, 2021

Register your travel plans with SFU

Register your plan with SFU as early as possible, so we can support you before and after your arrival in Canada. An SFU staff member should contact you within two business days to discuss your self-isolation plan. Learn more →

Added August 13, 2021

CARES Program

If you are a student arriving from outside Canada and need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, the COVID Assistance and Remote Engagement Support (CARES) program can help. Learn more →

Note: The CARES team is working as quickly as they can to work on bookings. If you haven't heard from them within 7 business days of your proposed travel, please email them at

Added August 13, 2021

SFU documents to enter Canada

If you are travelling to Canada, you are encouraged to print your original Admission Letter and a Confirmation of Enrollment Letter.

You can generate a Confirmation of Enrollment letter yourself through your StudentCentre. You can log in to and follow these steps:

  • Under the 'Academics' heading, 'Enrollment' sub-heading, click the small double arrow for the drop down menu and select 'Confirmation of Enrollment'.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to select the term.
  • The letter is produced in real time as a PDF file and can then be saved, emailed or printed.

Learn more →

Added August 13, 2021

Newly Admitted Students

Getting Started as a Graduate Student at SFU

Take a look around our Getting Started section of the website which includes information about getting connected with SFU systems, getting connected with other SFU students, and partaking in Orientation activities (including GPS's orientation, your department/programs, and more!)

You can also learn more about additional resources and support in our Community Guide.

Added August 13, 2021

University Operations

Guidelines + recommendations

SFU is committed to following the guidelines as directed by the Provincial Health Authority.
Please review the current guidelines and latest updates →

Added August 13, 2021
Added August 13, 2021


Options for leaves

Graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment. If you find it necessary to interrupt your studies, you must apply for a leave of absence. During a leave of absence you are not enrolled and should not use any of the University’s facilities or resources, or undertake academic or research work related to your program. International graduate students who are on a study permit should consult with SFU International Services for Students prior to applying for the leave. Learn more

Added August 13, 2021

You can pay for your Spring 2021 term in four installments with Flywire. Sign up for this payment plan prior to March 2, 2021. Learn more →

You can also contact Student Accounts if you need advice. Learn more →

Additional Sources of Support

Technical Support

IT Service has some information and links to software and support. You can connect with them with questions.

You can also connect to SFU Library computers remotely, which can provide you with access to software on their computers.

Added August 13, 2021

And course materials for the fall term are available at SFU Bookstore online. All campus bookstore locations will remain closed for the term to comply with institutional COVID-19 safety measures.

Starting November 20, everyone who visits our campuses must wear a non-medical mask in all indoor public areas. Public areas include building entryways and atriums, hallways, stairwells, washrooms, and study areas.

Even with limited numbers of people on campus, common areas can be congested, making it difficult to consistently maintain a safe physical distance. Non-medical masks are proven to protect others from the spread of the virus, so we ask everyone to do their part to protect each other. For those who are not able to wear a mask for medical or other reasons, please be especially careful to maintain a safe distance.

SFU branded washable cloth masks will also be available soon – stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please take a moment to learn how to safely and effectively wear a mask.

COVID-19 prevention reminders

While safety plans are being developed with specific measures for activities in labs, offices and classrooms, the following reminders continue to be core to everyone’s health and safety:

  • Do not come to campus if you have any symptoms of illness
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Maintain a safe physical distance of six feet (two metres) from others at all times
  • Wear a mask when it is not possible to maintain a safe physical distance
SFU ID is Required for Access to Campus
Access to campus buildings is only available to current students, faculty, and staff who present SFU identification, so please have your SFU ID ready to present for access. Alumni, family and friends of community members should not be on campus at this time. For more information about current restrictions and how to access specific campus buildings, please visit the campus services page.

Health and Wellbeing

Your health and well-being is important to us. In addition to the services offered through SFU’s Health & Counselling Services and MySSP, our office has collected and collated some resources to ensure that you are taking the time and space for self-care where ever you may find yourself at this time.

Additionally, the following are also available for you

Added August 13, 2021

SFU Ombudsperson

If you're not able to get support through the channels mentioned above, you can connect with the SFU Ombudsperson. They are an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students. They provide information and assistance on issues relating to students' rights and responsibilities, and University regulations, policies and procedures. Please contact them at and 778-782-4563.

Added August 13, 2021