Library Study Rooms

If you've completed all degree requirements except your thesis, you may be eligible to book a lockable study room at the WAC Bennett Library on the Burnaby campus.


Study rooms are available for master's or doctoral students writing their theses under the following conditions:

  • the student has completed all degree requirements except the thesis;
  • the student will be registered full-time; and
  • the student will not be employed at the university (other than as a TA/TM or RA)

Reminder: Study rooms are intended for students in the final writing phase of their thesis dissertation and who are intending on spending a significant amount of time using library resources. Additionally, students who have used a room for one or more terms will have low priority for future use.


The Library Study Room Application must be completed by you and your supervisor to be considered complete. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Please submit your application by the application deadline to

You must include an unofficial transcript showing you are registered for the requested term with your Library Study Room Application.

Application Deadlines

NOTICE: Applications will not be accepted for Summer 2020. The rooms are under renovation.

  • March 15th for the summer semester
  • July 15th for the fall semester 
  • November 15th for the spring semester 

After that deadline, applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until all study rooms have been filled.

Conditions of Use

  • Although you may lock your library study room when it is not in use, please note that other University staff members have keys that will open your office, and from time to time may need to access it to check for missing or lost books, etc.
  • The Library is not responsible for any valuables in your room that may go missing or be stolen.  Please do not leave anything valuable unattended in this room as its security cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please check out any books that you leave in your office.  Do not leave journals or non-circulating books in your office.  This is a courtesy, which you should extend to other students who may also want to use these same library materials.
  • Your library study room is not soundproof and is located in a designated Quiet Study Area.  Please be considerate of other students who may be studying in the area.  Conversations and other noise made in your room can be heard by students studying outside your room (and vice versa).
  • Please use the electrical outlets only for lamps or laptop computers, because the electrical circuits will not support many watts.
  • You may access and use your Library study room only during the hours that the Library is open.