Show off your Halloween spirit and participate in our Halloween costume contest! Submit your favorite Halloween costume photo of yourself for a chance to win a prize. Feel free to include family members like your kids, grandparents, and pets. Not feeling like dressing up this year? Go ahead and dust off your old photo albums or scroll through camera rolls for past Halloween costume photos to enter instead. Don't forget to include a creepy, catchy, or comical title!

Your photo will be placed on our website and may be shared over our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram channels so that the public can cast their votes for their favourites. Once the votes have been cast, prizes to the SFU Spirit Shop and Bookstore will be awarded for the top two photos.

1st Place: Spiderboy keeping SFU on tracks!

2nd Place: Around the house for 80 days


  • Only registered SFU graduate students and postdocs can enter
  • Photos must be highest resolution with a 15 MB upload limit. JPEG, PNG, TIFF formats only

Contest Deadlines

  • Photos must be uploaded by Sunday, November 1, 2020; 11:59 PM (PST)
  • Public voting will take place from Monday, November 2, 2020 until Wednesday, November 4, 2020; 11:59 PM (PST)

Contest Prizes

  • 1st Place: $50 SFU Spirit Shop and Bookstore Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $25 SFU Spirit Shop and Bookstore Gift Card

Halloween Costume Photos

Glinda the Good Witch - What's your Wish?

Our group dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters, complete with Yellow Brick Road!

Photo taken: 2018

I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batwoman!

I dress up as a DC Character every Halloween as my tradition. My dad and I read comics growing up, and it always brings both of us joy! This past year, I was so taken with the Batwoman series on The CW that I decided to take her on. It was a huge hit!

Photo taken: 2019

Little devil & her dark angel

My friend Angie and I dress up every year, we always try to have a story in our outfits. Last year she was a little cute devil and went door-to-door trick or treating, and I was her guardian dark angel. We have got a lot of candy!!! Sad to miss our tradition this year... hope we will resume next year!

Photo taken: 2019

Dark witch

For a witch, you certainly don’t know much about how hauntings work.

Photo taken: 2019

Don’t be scared

This photo was taken when we were playing Halloween in Dam Sen Cultural Park In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Photo taken: 2015

"I make bad look soooo good!"

I decided I would be Megamind for halloween in 2019, because it's one of my favourite movies. If halloween was normal, I would love to try something new this year too.

Photo taken: 2019

Caribbean Joker

I will appear in your dream.

Photo taken: 2019

2nd Place. Around the House for 80 Days

A 'lady of adventure' costume for taking flights of fancy - you know, to replace all the actual flights we're NOT taking right now.

Photo taken: 2020

Macabre Ensemble


Photo taken: 2019


Count Derpula, obvs

Photo taken: 2020

Personal Space Invader

The fluffiest of pooches doubles up as a personal space invader!

Photo taken: 2020

Ay oh!

Yes, it was very cold.

Photo Taken: 2019

Halloween? No, Hallo-WAH-n!

My Waluigi costume would definitely be making a comeback this year if I had the chance!

Photo Taken:2019

Beanie Boo

I'm fluffy and sweet. I can show you a few tricks, but you better have a treat!

Photo Taken: 2020 

We're In This Together

Even the undead are starting to go stir-crazy with this year, but that's okay, we're still in this together. Besides, who knew a skeleton and vampire could be such perfect roommates?

Photo Taken: 2020

Kazakh baby Yoda

Baby Yoda sending you magic and wisdom of 2020 in his hand-made hat!

Photo Taken: 2020

Demon Cheerleader

From the University of Hell!

Photo Taken: 2020

Wood chipping service

I am wearing "The Cleaner's" WOOD CHIPPING Service hat, and my guitar that is tuned to dropped D.

Photo Taken: 2020

What you gonna do when we come for you?

My sister and I posing as cops!

Photo Taken: 2018

1st Place. Spiderboy keeping SFU on track!

Look up! He's supervising that  "Student Union Building" is built on time. Benja is wearing the spiderman suit designed by Tony Stark in Avengers.

Photo Taken: 2020

A princess and her droid

My daughter and I dressed up for our respective days at school - me at work in my elementary library, and she at preschool. Elsa could get a lot more done if she had R2D2 working with her! Your Majesty, this is the droid you're looking for.

Photo Taken: 2020