Mission Possible: SFU Grad School Edition

Get Your GA3 Profile Ready Mission

Funding for graduate school can come from many places. GPS handles merit based awards and scholarships which are categorized by funding source: (1) Internal and Donor Funded Awards (2) External and Government Funded Awards and (3) other sources of funding.  

This Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to update your GA3 (Graduate Awards and Applications System) profile so you are ready to go when applications are due! Visit the GPS Awards and Funding page for more information on awards opportunities.

Get Your Profile Ready to Apply 
5 points 

Show off those newly completely courses by updating your profile!

Internal and Donor Funded Awards are applied for through the Graduate Awards and Applications System (GA3):


Your mission is to logon and complete the below 6 steps. 

  1. Update your profile, including updating any transcripts on the Academic History tab  
  2. Visit the MY AWARDS tab and accept any awards that are outstanding  
  3. Visit the MY DOCUMENTS tab and delete any documents you do not need. Feel free to upload any documents (like a research outline) that you may need
  4. Visit the SEARCH tab and find the award named
    "Mission Possible" 
  5. Be sure to read the eligibility!
    (do this for ALL awards you apply for)  
  6. If you are eligible, complete and submit your application.

Track Your Points

Create a GA3 Profile sub-folder in your SFU Vault and upload a screen grab of your "My Applications" screen to show us your MP 2021 Challenge has been submitted.

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