Mission Possible: SFU Grad School Edition

Summer Cookbook Mission

Food can be so much more than just fuel for us. It can remind us of home, special celebrations, how we share our culture. Trying a new recipe can be a fun adventure and a way to learn about your fellow graduate students.

Share a Recipe You Love
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Cooking and taking pictures of food? What fun! Share your favourite recipe with us  and don't forget to include a pic of the finished product.

Track Your Points

Create a Cookbook Mission sub-folder in your SFU Vault and upload your recipe (don't forget to provide the source!) or simply send us a link to the recipe online.

Cook a Recipe
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Have you seen a yummy recipe that someone else has shared? Give one a try! We want to see all the delicious meals that come through your kitchen!

Track Your Points

Create a Cookbook Mission sub-folder in your SFU Vault and upload a pic of the finished recipe you tried along with a reference to the shared recipe.

Mission Possible: Summer Cookbook

Breakfast Favourites

Appetizer Ideas


Decadent Desserts

  • Sorren T makes this Black Magic Cake dairy free by swapping out the buttermilk for soy milk.
  • Tiana C shared a delicious Chocolate Ricotta crepe like this one on La Cucina Italiana.
  • Danielle G made a pie! Pictured above and recipe via A Cozy Kitchen

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