Mission Possible: SFU Grad School Edition

Creatively Present Your Research Mission

5 points

There are lots of great reasons to creatively present your research; from making new interdisciplinary connections, to working through writers block, to sparking creativity. Find a way to present and share your research. It could be 3MT style, dance your PhD style, a photo, or some other creative way.  

Getting Started

This mission is a great way to think about your research differently, share it with the world, and have fun!

Here are some ideas to help spark your creativity – but feel free to try something completely different! 

Track Your Points

Create a Creative Research sub-folder in your SFU Vault and upload your ideas.

Optional: Share your research creatively on Social Media and tag us.

Don't have social media? No worries, we can share it for you! Upload an image of your item and we can pop it up on our website or include it in other promotions. 

Share with Us!

Follow the instructions in each Mission to track your points. Upload your missions as you go to be entered into the monthly draw and don't forget to tag us when you are sharing.

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Have a Suggestion?

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