"It is clear that her students are in high demand in the workforce and have found excellent careers."

Dr. Wolfgang Haider, former Director in the School of Resource and Environmental Management

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2015 Award for Excellence in Supervision: Anne Salomon

February 10, 2015

Dr. Anne Salomon is described by her students as possessing an infectious curiosity and spirit for research.

Living in beautiful British Columbia provides Dr. Salomon the perfect opportunity to see the effects of her research firsthand, and she does her best to make sure her students get the same opportunity. They alternate between lectures and a 3 week intensive field school on the BC coast. Dr. Salomon's student's are encouraged to see their work beyond the academic context and are often found interacting with nature and First Nations peoples who provide valuable insight into the environment and its history.

Dr. Salomon also works within academic structures to ensure her students are encouraged to succeed academically and professionally. Many of her students have secured prestigious awards, and they credit her extensive assistance and counselling to their success. In only six years, Dr. Salomon has already been involved in supervising 31 students, in addition to those she supervises informally.

One mark of a successful supervisor is the ease with which their students are able to transition into the job market. The late Wolfgang Haider, former Director of the Resource and Environmental Management (REM) program, referred to Anne as a “motivator who respects her students and students respect her in return. It is clear that her students are in high demand in the workforce and have found excellent careers”.

Learning real-world skills is something Dr. Salomon highly values, while also balancing that knowledge with enjoyment. One of her former students, Britt Keeling notes, “alongside her strong academic mentorship, Anne places great emphasis on the importance of loving your work, having fun and being in the moment,” she says.

The enthusiasm with which Dr. Salomon approaches her teaching is also evident in the quality of her work. In 2013, Dr. Salomon was awarded the International Recognition of Professional Excellence Prize by the International Ecology Institute in Germany for ground-breaking work. The same year she earned the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation for her work involving the impact of recovering sea otter populations on BC kelp forests and sea urchins. The $150,000 prize allowed for Dr. Salomon to continue her work, teaching more students the impact that humans can have on delicate ecosystems.