"I like SFU's philosophy of Engaging the World - progressive thinking, care, and enactment."

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Alumni Profile: Michelle Penny

Competed EdD in the Faculty of Education

June 01, 2020

Michelle completed her Doctor of Education in the Faculty of Education in 2020. Her program is focused on Educational Leadership in Post-Secondary Contexts. Michelle's doctoral thesis is titled, BSN Nurse Educator Conceptions of Teaching: The Science and Art of Nursing Education.  

My educational experience at SFU was transformational. My supervisory committee, Dr. Allan MacKinnon, Dr. Cindy Xin, and Dr. Kris Magnusson, mentored and challenged my understanding of teaching and learning in higher education institutions in ways that I could never conceive or imagine alone. I will be forever grateful to them. I am also highly appreciative of the learning experiences that I shared with my EdD cohort, especially how we supported, challenged, and cheered each other as we ventured along our doctoral journey together. The relationships that I established with my professors and peers are among the things I treasure most, as I have come to understand better, through this experience, the significance of community and learning together. Finally, I have taken to heart SFU’s core message of Engaging the World – a way of progressive thinking, care, and enactment to build more meaningful connections and create more supportive communities within our world.  

Contact Michelle: michelle_penny@outlook.com