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Our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are often involved in exciting events or projects — both on and off campus.

We'd like to help promote the interesting things you're doing as a part of your graduate student life, something that's adjacent to the work you're doing as a grad student or postdoc, or ways SFU grad students can connect with each other.

Our aim is to help you invite other SFU graduate students involved, highlight your achievements, and even provide ways for you to connect with others who might be engaging in similar research.

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Student Stories

Media Mentions


  • Rachel Weldrick, an SFU postdoctoral fellow in gerontoloy is published in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work based on interviews with homelessness service providers in Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.
  • Rachel Weldrick, an SFU postdoctoral fellow in gerontoloy has an paper published in Health & Social Care in the Community based on research with older people experiencing homelessness and service providers.
  • Spozhmay Oriya, an educational psychology doctoral student in Education has an article published in Intervention
  • Christopher Correia, an SFU doctoral student in resource adn environmental management has an article published in Urban Science
  • Timothy van den Brink, an SFU doctoral student in Political Science, has an article published in American Review of Canadian Studies