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Our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are often involved in exciting events or projects — both on and off campus.

We'd like to help promote the interesting things you're doing as a part of your graduate student life, something that's adjacent to the work you're doing as a grad student or postdoc, or ways SFU grad students can connect with each other.

Our aim is to help you invite other SFU graduate students involved, highlight your achievements, and even provide ways for you to connect with others who might be engaging in similar research.

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  • Hosting an event where grad students can connect?
  • Recently got some media attention?

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Student Stories

Media Mentions

  • Alice Fleerackers, an SFU PhD student of interdisciplinary studies, co-writes an article on Salon (Dec 9)
  • Randip Janda, a graduate of Simon Fraser University, is featured on NHL (Dec 4)
  • Prabhjot Dhami, an SFU graduate student of mechatronic systems engineering, is quoted in ANI News (Dec 1)
  • Sareh Farmand, a graduate of The Writer's Studio at SFU, is interviewed on CBC Radio (Dec 1)
  • Carmen Celestini, an SFU postdoctoral fellow of communication, is quoted in CP24 (Nov 2) and interviewed on CP24 (Nov 29)
  • Tyson Singh Kelsall, an SFU PhD student of health sciences, is quoted in Vancouver is AwesomeBurnaby Now (Nov 11), and CBC.CA News (Nov 27)
  • Alice Fleerackers, an SFU PhD student of interdisciplinary studies, co-writes an article on The Conversation (Nov 24)
  • Christopher Mabry, an SFU master's graduate of public policy, co-writes an article on Cambridge Now (Nov 21)
  • Andrew Longhurst, an SFU health policy researcher and PhD candidate of geography, is quoted on CHEK-TV and CBC.CA News (Nov 19)
  • Sally Sharif, the Simons Foundation Canada postdoctoral fellow at SFU's School for International Studies, writes an article on The Washington Post (Nov 18)
  • Sareh Farmand, a graduate of SFU Writer's Studio, is mentioned in Vancouver Sun (Nov 17)
  • Maria José Juan-Jordá, an SFU PhD graduate of marine biology, is quoted in Best Life (Nov 15)
  • Andreas Fischer, a doctoral student of biology at SFU, is quoted in (Nov 9), The HinduCityNews Ottawa (Nov 12), City News 660 (CFFR) (Nov 13), and CBC Radio One 88.9FM (CBTK) (Nov 14), and is interviewed on CBC Radio One 90.5FM (CBCV) (Nov 15)
  • Krystle Silverfox, an SFU master's graduate of fine arts in interdisciplinary arts, is featured on Yukon News (Nov 10)
  • Amanda Butler, an SFU PhD graduate of criminology, is mentioned in The Vancouver SunThe Province (Nov 5), The Vancouver Sun, and The Province (Nov 21)
  • Jennifer Chou, an SFU graduate of psychology, is featured on Medium (Nov 3)
  • Jordan Abel, a Nisga'a writer and SFU PhD graduate from the Department of English, is featured on Abbotsford News (Nov 1)