"How can we use experiences provided by immersive virtual reality (VR)—a technology—to bring focus and attention back to ourselves, to reconnect with the awareness of very simple yet crucial processes that makes us feel alive — such as breathing? "

PhD student Mirjana Prpa was recently recognized for her work in art, science and technology

August 30, 2018

Mirjana Prpa, a changemaker and PhD student at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology comes from a diverse academic and professional background—primarily architecture, design and art. As a researcher working in the domain of Virtual Reality, she was recently recognized as “future of the field of art, science and technology” at Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. 

SFU Innovates staff recently sat down with Prpa to learn about her research, what her aspirations are for her future work, as well as what drives her to create change in her field.

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