SFU GSWS PhD student leads first dance film festival in medieval French city

August 31, 2022

Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies PhD student, Shanny Rann is leading this event.

Founded in 2022, Choreo Dance Film Festival (CDFF) is an innovative platform for dance on film, dedicated to cultivate a new generation of embodied and empowered dance filmmakers. The first edition of CDFF will be held at Clermont-Ferrand, one of the oldest cities in France, from  28 August to 31 August 2022.

With generous support from the European Union through the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), CDFF centres the 2022 theme on The Crises That Move Us to invite a rethinking of the socio-political relations between dance and the environment, and perhaps a re-elaboration of  the term environment itself. Through a firm belief in diversity, equity and inclusion, CDFF embraces the challenge to be the platform for unseen bodies and unheard voices—dancing and telling stories about the change we hope to be in these unprecedented times we live in.

Contact Shanny: shannyc@sfu.ca