Understanding Climate Change Through Dance + Rap with SFU Geography PhD Student Vimbikayi Rachel Chimuka

February 07, 2023

Did you ever think your PhD thesis could be turned into a dance? SFU geography PhD student Vimbikayi Rachel Chimuka did and she even created a rap to go with it when she entered Science.org's annual #DanceYourPhD2023 global competition.

Chimuka created a fun and easy to understand video to teach everyone and anyone about  climate change and the carbon cycle processes involved, urging the world to collectively act on climate change now. Chimuka's video features a story-time segment, rap battle, contemporary dance, and a UN-style speech.

The Dance Your PhD contest encourages doctoral students to turn their thesis into a rap/dance video and post it on Youtube or TikTok.  

Find Chimuka's video on Youtube. Check it out to learn more about Chimuka's research along with her impressive rapping and dancing skills.

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