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How Postdoctoral Funding is Paid

Although some Postdoctoral award applications are processed through Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, postdoctoral awards can be paid through different means, depending on the agency/fellowship.

If you hold Postdoctoral Funding not listed, please let us know! We love to update this page to assist others in navigating the system of payment.  

Directly to the Postdoctoral Fellow (NSERC, SSHRC….)

Known awards: NSERC and SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Award holders set up payment directly with the awarding agency; there is no SFU process involved.

SSHRC Postdoctoral Award holders must complete SSHRC’s direct deposit form and the Request for Instalment or Reinstatement of Award Paid Directly to Award Holder Form (which can be signed by our office You may also need to submit a letter from your doctoral granting institution indicating completion of your doctoral degree.


Known Awards: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, CIHR, MSFHR, Cancer Research Society (CRS) 

*Research Accounting is NOT the Office of Research Services; they are different.

Award holders must send Research Accounting ( a copy of the application that was submitted to the external agency, the official Notification of Award (NOA), a complete and fully signed Non-Research Funding Application Signature Sheet (FASS).

Once research accounting receives the documentation and the cheque from the granting agency, an account will be set up and a memo will be sent to the awardee, the Faculty Supervisor and the Departmental Manager. The departmental manager should then complete the necessary appointment forms to put the post doc on payroll. RPI team can assist with this.

Funding from unknown/unfamiliar organizations will only have an account set up once payment has been received by the university. 


Known Awards: MITACS Elevate PDF Awards

These fellowships, although described as awards, are considered grant funded at SFU due to the nature of the employment relationship. Because they are considered employment income, standard employee benefits (EI/CPP/WCB) will be deducted by payroll. 

Mitacs recommends that the portion of employer-deductions not be deducted from the PDF's grant, but instead come from either the faculty supervisor or from the materials/research portion of the Elevate award. This situation must be negotiated between PDF and supervisor.

There are two possible scenarios which govern how the payroll form (PAF) is created:

Scenario 1: The PDF has negotiated with their faculty supervisor to allow for employer-deductions to be paid by the supervisor or the materials/research portion of the award ($5,000). *In this case the PAF should be prepared with the total cost of the award at $50,000. 

Scenario 2: The PDF has not negotiated (or been unsuccessful in those negotiations), and the employer-deductions will be paid from the Elevate grant ($50.000). *In this case the PAF should be prepared with the total cost minus the cost of employer-deductions, ~8%. 

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