Endowments support the quality and quantity of SFU Gerontology Research Centre activities and are possible through the generosity of the community. The impact of this support reaches thousands of people locally, nationally and internationally.

BC Real Estate Foundation Fund

The BC Real Estate Foundation endowment supports research, teaching and outreach activities in the area of environment and aging with a focus on British Columbian older adults. The fund supports a resident post-doctoral position; the Seniors Housing Update (SHUP) newsletter; an active research program in housing and related themes, such as homelessness among seniors; and local conferences and other dissemination activities.

John K. Friesen Lecture Series

John Friesen was one of Canada’s leading contributors to the field of adult education. In his more than forty year career, Dr. Friesen served in university extension work in Canada and overseas and was involved in enhancing the lives of older adults in many different ways - from community arts to credit unions. For his leadership role in adult education, Simon Fraser University awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree in 1985. The series is designed to meet the continuing education needs of agencies and individuals responsible for planning, administering and providing services to the elderly. The Friesen Lecture Series embraces two of John Friesen’s lifetime interests – the education of adults and the special needs of an aging population. Additional information about past and future conferences and can be found on the GRC web site (http://www.sfu.ca/grc.html).

Ellen M. Gee Memorial Fund

The Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Endowment Fund was established at Simon Fraser University in 2002 by the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Ellen Gee. The endowment supports the Dr. Ellen Gee Memorial Graduate Scholarship for Excellence that provides a financial award based on academic merit and record of public service contributions, to a Sociology or Anthropology student in their first year of graduate study at Simon Fraser University whose research focuses on family, gender, ethnicity, aging, health and/or social policy.

Barbara Guttmann-Gee Lectureship

The Barbara Guttmann-Gee Lectureship Endowment was established in 1996 by a generous gift from Barbara Guttmann-Gee, an alumna of Simon Fraser University. Ms. Guttmann-Gee earned her BA degree from British Columbia’s Open University at the age of 75. Curious as to whether other older women strove for a degree, why they had waited so long, and if they derived the same intense pleasure and feeling of well-being as she did, sent Ms. Guttmann-Gee to SFU Women’s Studies Program from which she received a Masters Degree at the age of 81. The endowment supports the Barbara Guttmann-Gee Lectureship and other activities related to the teaching of older adults.

Imperial Oil Endowment

This endowment was one of the first and helped to establish the annual operating budget of the GRC.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart made a significant contribution to the original GRC operating fund.

SFU/BCIT Living Laboratory Endowment Fund

The Lab’s mission if to conduct and promote research in the area of person-environment fit and foster the development and testing of enabling technology and housing designs to enhance and enable independent living and quality of life for elderly and disabled people.

Fred Silber Lecture in Gerontology

As a permanent tribute to their father, Mr. Fred Silber, on the occasion of his 75th birthday, the Silber family established an endowment fund bearing the name “The Fred Silber Lectureship in Gerontology”, which is to be used to underwrite annually, in full or in part, one or more courses in SFU’s Diploma Program of Gerontology.

Squibb Canada Lectureship

Funds from this endowment is used to hire a sessional instructor - what they teach is left to the discretion of the Program’s Steering Committee.