11th Annual Ellen M. Gee Memorial Lecture

EGML2013 - "Who Cares? Aging Boomers and Caregiving Policy in Canada"
Presented 15 November 2013 by
Janice Keefe, Ph.D., Full Professor, Department of Family Studies and Gerontology, Mount Saint Vincent University and holds appointments at Dalhousie University’s Faculties of Medicine and Graduate Studies and UNB’s School of Graduate Studies


Who does care? Join Janice Keefe, Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University; Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging; and Lena Isabel Jodrey Chair in Gerontology, as she explores the reality of population aging in Canada and the impact of shifting demographics on the supply of and demand for family/friend caregivers. Highlighting the valuable contributions made by family and friends in their caregiver roles, Dr. Keefe will explore the policy changes that could make a positive difference as we encounter personal and system challenges. Addressing many pressing questions, Dr. Keefe will discuss; Who will take on new care responsibilities as the health care system is increasingly over-stretched? What financial and service supports will be available to caregivers? What role can government play as we seek out innovative approaches for caregivers across Canada and around the world? Through this engaging lecture, Dr. Keefe will shed light on why Canada can no longer afford to NOT support family/friend caregivers.

About the Speaker:

In 2002, Dr. Keefe was selected as Mount Saint Vincent’s first Canada Research Chair in Aging and Caregiving Policy and has received provincial, national and international recognition of her research, most recently from the Canadian Healthcare Association for her contribution to Continuing Care in Canada. In 2006, she was awarded the Lena Isabel Jodrey Chair in Gerontology and appointed Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging. Dr. Keefe’s research areas are caregiving policy and practice, continuing care policy and rural aging. In the past decade she has published over 60 articles and technical reports. She teaches courses in social policy and aging in the Master of Arts and Undergraduate Program in Family Studies and Gerontology and provides mentorship and supervision to a number of graduate students.