New Book Publication — Aging as a Social Process Seventh Edition

The new edition of the textbook titled Aging as a Social Process: Canada and Beyond 7th Edition (2019) authored by Andrew Wister has been released by Oxford University Press. The 7th edition offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary synthesis and interpretation of social behavioural research into individual and population aging. As the new sub-title suggests, while it maintains a Canadian focus, this edition incorporates international research and knowledge, and its multi-level translation into practice and policy. Its author, Andrew Wister, comments that, "given the exponential growth in knowledge pertaining to the social and related processes of aging in Canada and beyond, it was a challenge to encapsulate and amalgamate this expansive discipline, especially since it often develops within knowledge silos." He further remarks that, "advancements in what we know about aging and the innovative ways of addressing emerging challenges reflects a maturing field of study, but one that is fluid and complex. In this light, this book highlights not only what we know, but also what we need to know, in order to move to the next phase." Written as an upper division textbook, Aging as a Social Process brings to life cutting-edge research, practice and policy in an effort to identify, describe, and explain processes and current issues of aging.