Lun Li

Postdoctoral Fellow



Lun Li holds a Ph.D. degree in social work from Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. He earned his Master degree in sociology and Bachelor degree in social work from Fudan University, China. Lun’s research in gerontology focuses on (1) family caregiving, including social and health outcomes of family caregivers, multicultural and caregiving, caregiving and employment, and positive aspects of caregiving, and (2) healthy and successful aging, including elder abuse, social and civic participation, social integration and exclusion of senior immigrants, and other public health issues related to aging population.

Prior to joining GRC, Lun has rich experience in various research and community-based projects, including Civic Participation of Asian Seniors in Edmonton (a SSHRC funded research project), Immigrant Seniors Project for elder abuse prevention and intervention in Edmonton, and so on. In addition, Lun actively engaged in community service through working for various social organizations in Edmonton, Alberta.