GRC News – July 2023

July 28, 2023


We are pleased to distribute the July 2023 issue of the GRC News.

GRC Director Andrew Wister's Foreword:

On behalf of the Simon Fraser University Gerontology Research Centre (GRC), I am delighted to share with you the July Volume 42 issue 1 of the GRC NEWS. This issue highlights a number of activities celebrating the 40th anniversary of the GRC (1982) and department (1983). Included in this issue is the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Forum at which the gerontology units were spotlighted; several articles summarizing research projects on which our faculty, post-doctoral fellows and research staff have recently worked on; our new Assistant Professor Theresa Pauly; recognition of our benefactors; our newly established Gerontology 40th Anniversary Fund; and the 30th Friesen conference, which was our main milestone event. This year’s Friesen conference was entitled Forging New Frontiers in Aging Research and showcased SFU Gerontology’s six thematic areas: Aging and the Built Environment; Changing Demography and Lifestyles; Culture and Aging; Population Health and Aging; Prevention of Victimization and Exploitation of Older Persons; & Technology and Aging. The objective of the conference was to provide information that will enable our society to bounce back from the adversities that have been faced over recent years by taking advantage of what we have learned and applying this knowledge to enhance the lives of older people, especially those who have faced ageism, marginalization, and social isolation. Some highlights included a keynote address by Judith Phillips; topical panel discussions, symposia, and poster displays presented by local, national and international speakers representing community organizations, NGOs, government, and academic sectors. I hope that you enjoy this issue of the GRC NEWS.

Celebrating 40 years