What to do with a GSWS degree?

One Major, Endless Possibilities

If you want to study the intersection of gender and other structures of power such as class and ethnicity, then you will be interested in this program. Study human rights, social justice, and academic and social activism through an interdisciplinary program that views these issues through cultural studies, social science, history, film, media and more.

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Students with a degree in GSWS have gone on to become:

  • Mental health counselor
  • Minister
  • Sexual assault counsellor
  • Lawyer
  • Youth worker
  • First Nations treaty anyalst
  • News anchor
  • Prison warden
  • Equity officer
  • Parole officer
  • Familty therapist
  • University professor
  • Small business owner
  • Physician
  • Career counselor
  • Librarian
  • Police officer
  • Union officer
  • Internet radio producer
  • Social worker
  • Communications consultant
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation worker
  • Coordinator of multicultural women’s program

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