GSWS 102 Feminist Action Spring 2019

January 08, 2019


Professor: Dr. Jen Marchbank
Office: AQ 5098  and SUR 5188
Office hours: TBD
Lecture: Tuesday 10:30 – 12:20; AQ 3182

Course Description:

In this course we will explore the history of feminist actions and social movements from the mid-eighteenth century to today. We will explore histories and activisms from around the globe.  We will use texts created by activists from a range of historical periods and geographies to come to an understanding of the diversity of feminist actions.

Educational Goals:

For more detailed information please see the GSWS website:

Course Texts and Courseware:

All required readings are from a custom courseware available from the bookstore.

Course Content Includes:

·         Terms and chronologies: Women’s Movements and Feminism
·         Beginnings of Feminism
·         Varieties of feminisms
·         Votes for women to State feminism
·         Women and the United Nations
·         Patriarchy and oppression
·         Fight for education, challenge to education
·         Reproductive rights
·         Sexuality
·         Gender-based violence

Case Studies include:

·         Women’s Rights as Human Rights
·         Contagious Diseases Acts
·         British Suffrage Movement
·         All China Women’s Federation

Prerequisite: None

The Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies encourages clarity of thought and expression and good writing.

Students will be evaluated on these skills in all courses given by the department.

In addition, the department will follow policy T10.02 with respect to “intellectual honesty,” and “academic discipline” (

Course Evaluation and Assignments:

Paired Tutorial Reading Presentations – 10%
Research Essay – 20%
Artifact Analyses – 20%
Exam – 40%
Participation – 10%

·         Paired Tutorial Readings Your TA will ask you to organize into pairs and to select (or be allocated) a reading. Together you will develop a 5-10 minute summary of the reading with some discussion points to lead discussion in the tutorial. This is a joint assignment work 10% of your final mark.

·         Artifact Analyses Throughout the course I will present a number of artifacts relevant to our topics of study. You are required to do 4 of these, though if you chose to do 5 your best 4 marks will be counted. They are due one week after being issued to your TA in class, hard copy only. Responses can be written reflections on the artifact; a creative response such as a piece of art or poem or a discussion of the artifact in relation to our class and your lived experience.  Individual assignment worth a total of 20% of your final mark.

·         Research Essay You will produce a research essay, you should use the material in the courseware but also it will benefit you to go beyond the materials supplied in class and look for other journal articles; books and; documentaries for material. The essay should be approximately 8 pages of double spaced typing and should be fully referenced using the APA system. Due in lecture Week 12.

·         Participation Your participation grade is based on your attendance at tutorials and your contributions to debates. Contributions that are thoughtful and respectful will be rewarded more than simply talking lots! This is worth 10% of your final grade.

·         Examination There is a final written examination worth 40% of your final grade. It will cover the whole of the course material, including readings, lectures, case studies, documentaries, visiting speakers.

Failure to complete any assignment will result in a grade of Incomplete, which is a Fail. If you are having trouble keeping up with assignments please come to us for help as early as possible in the semester.