GSWS Student Union Elections 2018 2019

April 06, 2018

On April 6th @ 12:30 pm we will be holding our elections for the 2018-2019 year! Want to get involved with your student union this upcoming school year?

Not able to make it in person but want to hold a position, or want to get involved? Feel free to message this page! You can run for a position even if you cant be there in person!

More details about the positions:
- Facilitates meetings,
- Organizes and presents agenda to the membership,
- Liaisons with other departments, groups, and Faculty,
- Oversees all events, fundraisers, and other Union activities

- Maintains financial records of the union,
- Updates members on status of finances,
- Is a signing officer of the union,
- Provides a liaison between the union and all sources of funding for the union

- Responsible for maintaining minutes of meetings and organizing the agenda beforehand,
- Responsible for uploading meeting minutes to the SFSS DSU portal

Communications Coordinator
- Regularly updates all social media channels with internal and external events and notifications
- Facilitates internal communications within the union
- Notifies members of event or meeting changes
- Actively utilizes all social media channels to find noteworthy content to share

Special Events Coordinator
- Assists in planning and implementing events and fundraisers within the Union
- Event planning duties: emails, catering, room bookings, day-of activities, etc.

SFSS Council Representative
- Regularly attends SFSS Council meetings
- Reports activities of Council the Union

Department Committee Representative
- Regularly attends the GSWS Department meetings on behalf of the Union,
- Reports activities of the Department to the Union,
- Represents Union in matters related to GSWS students
- Offer voice and vote in regards to Departmental proposals

Graduate Student Liaison
- Is a member of the GSWS Graduate Student Union
- Reports activities of the GSWS Graduate Student Union to the Undergraduate Union
- Acts as a connection between undergraduate and graduate students in the department of GSWS