Gender Inclusive Washrooms

February 18, 2015

Support all gender washrooms at SFU.  Sign the petition:

On Wednesday February 18th, a group of transgender, gender-variant, and allied students from SFU occupied on-campus washrooms in an effort to confront students and university officials about the detrimental problem that is the lack gender inclusive washrooms. A lack of gender-neutral washrooms is a major safety concern for trans and gender-variant students who are often harassed or assaulted for not meeting gender expectations.

SFU has made positive steps towards creating a trans-inclusive campus by recently allowing students to use preferred names on student ID cards and class lists. We hope to encourage further action that will ensure the safety of all SFU students.

The “shit-in” started at 1pm in the “men’s” washroom in the Academic Quadrant across from room 9001 on the 3000 level.

This event received wide media coverage and raised awareness about the violence that many transgender and gender-variant students face in gendered washrooms. We hope that you can help us spread awareness about the issue at hand and help put an end to transphobia at SFU. 

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