Intersectional Apocalypse

November 27, 2018


This week the "Intersectional Feminist Journal Praxis" class at Simon Fraser University wrapped up with a fun launch party. The course asked students to think through questions of feminist knowledge production, theory and practice, sculpt an intersectional praxis, think about the power of open access publications and the ways in which open access can partake in Indigenous and traditional knowledge theft, develop a radical copyright commons, and hone an ethically attuned collaboration model. The journal the students collectively produced, Intersectional Apocalypse, the first issue of which is on "Digital Dialogues: Navigating Online Spaces" is available online through OJS:

For anyone interested in doing a second issue of this SFU-based journal, on any topic pertaining to intersectionality, broadly understood, please contact the journal via email at: intersectional.apocalypse[at]gmail[dot]com The photo booth was kindly provided by Prism Photo Booth.