Successful Book Launch for Dr. Zaman

November 15, 2012

A successful book launch in Vancouver for Habiba Zaman’s latest book
Asian Immigrants in Two Canadas: Racialization, Marginalization and
Deregulated Work

November 15 2012

For immediate release

Vancouver, B.C.—This past Friday November 9th, the Kalayaan Centre
and its member organizations organized a successful and intimate
launching of Dr. Habiba Zaman’s latest book: Asian Immigrants in Two
Canadas: Racialization, Marginalization and Deregulated Work, held at
the Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver B.C. Dr. Zaman is a professor in the
Gender, Sexuality and Women Studies Department at Simon Fraser
University and has worked many years with the Philippine Women Centre
(PWC) and the Kalayaan Centre. During the book launch, she was able to
expand on the critical analysis of labour and workplace hazards in
Canada as provided extensively in her book. Specifically, she places
focus on the experiences of Asian Canadians, including Pakistani
Canadians, Bangladeshi Canadians and Fiipino Canadians. The latter
experiences, Zaman acknowledges were shared by the Philippine Women
Centre and the Kalayaan Centre along with the analysis and research
done by PWC-B.C. with the Filipino Canadian community. The book launch
was attended by many academic colleagues and community organizers from
across Canada.

During her presentation, Dr. Zaman placed her focus on the working
conditions of Asian Canadians who worked in the various areas of
domestic work to other service sector jobs that provide little
security for workers. Her emphasis on workplace hazard addresses a
point that has often been overlooked when government discuss labour
policy reforms. These include issues such as the privilege employers
hold in many of these work environments that put workers at a
disadvantage and in danger, as well as the increasing trend of
deregulating workplaces that lead to the enforcement of flexible and
part-time work.These trends, among with others, bring out the
increasing precariousness of workplaces for workers of colour and
other marginalized communities in Canada most affected by these labour

Dr. Zaman’s presentation was followed by a discussion period where
she was abe to highlight the integral role that the Philippine Women
Centre played in the research and analysis necessary in writing the
book. As Canada continues to implement neoliberal policies that hurt
and divide the working class communities across the country, Zaman’s
book comes in a timely moment reminding us to take our discussions of
workplace hazardous environments beyond band-aid precautions and look
at the structural factors of Canada’s labour programs that allow for
the precarious working conditions faced by our communities.

Dr. Habiba Zaman was also one of the panel speakers for the Kalayaan
Centre’s conference, Workers’ Struggles Amidst Neoliberal
Globalization which took place on Saturday November 10th.

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