Universal Gender Washrooms

April 19, 2018

Faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies are happy to announce that two universal gender washrooms have opened in the East Corridor of the 5th Floor of the AQ (located between Humanities and GSWS). The washroom directly above on the 6th floor of the AQ (by Labour Studies) is also open to all genders.

GSWS has a proud history of supporting trans inclusive initiatives: we facilitated one of the earliest trans inclusion workshops on campus for faculty, staff and students in 2006, organized an international conference on “TransSomatechnics” in 2007, and supported innovative research, courses, and activism on trans and genderqueer issues through the years. More recently, GSWS undergraduate and graduate students organized a “shit in” occupation in February 2015, which received national news coverage. At the protest, they joined activists across North America who argued that transgender and non-binary people face serious safety issues when accessing bathroom space. Common practice at many institutions has been to maintain washrooms divided by gender and provide a separate gender-neutral stall. In this case, the work of students, staff, and faculty in GSWS, along with the Dean of Students and the Project Services Department of Facility Services, has resulted in washrooms that are open to people of all genders, have private individual stalls, are accessible, and have a diaper change area.

We are delighted with SFU’s principled commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive space for the campus community.