Women and Gender in (Public) Transportation

July 27, 2017

Women and Gender in (Public) Transportation

July 27, 1 pm PDT
Free webinar, but reservations required. Reserve on Eventbrite.

Transportation infrastructure and services are often assumed to be "gender neutral," where projects and services are assumed to provide an equal benefit to men and women, and where there is no significant difference in travel patterns, modes of access or participation in project planning, design and maintenance. In fact, when transportation data is disagreggated by gender, what becomes visible is how transportation policies affect women and men differently. In this webinar, SFU's Tiffany Muller Myrdahl will explain the use of disaggregated data to highlight gendered transportation patterns and discuss how gendered experience shapes transit use. Most importantly, this webinar will focus on what transportation planners and decision-makers need to know to develop policies that improve equity in access and provision of services. Moderated by Tara Gallen of City of Vancouver and instructor in SFU's Next-Generation Transportation Certificate.

Tiffany Muller Myrdahl is senior lecturer in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University.


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