Somayeh Bahrami

April 03, 2018

By Somayeh Bahrami, PhD Student

What I share here is an expression of my thoughts and emotions; how I experience and record the world around - the personal, familial, social, professional, academic, and community life, —this is how I extend myself and personality to the collective.

This share is about moments of disappointment, frustration and anger; feelings of loss and hopelessness; regrets and failures. Yet, it is more about my sincere gratitude, love and admiration for family, friends, the beautiful humans of GSWS Department, teachers, mentors, role models, the breathtaking scenery I enjoy every single day, the ocean, trees, flowers, birds, and butterflies, —and whoever whatever awesome beyond my awareness.

So, I am sharing many moments of satisfaction and happiness; feelings of courage, excitements, and achievements; successful communications, beautiful secluded days and nights; intimate concepts; bright desires; and my passion for peace, harmony, togetherness, justice and freedom.

Though I am not sharing pieces of “art work” and definitely, I am not an artist. What I am sure of is I hold many privileged positions which allow me to soak into those authentic moments. If I ever would be able to utilize “artistic skills” to make a meaningful social change, then this is art and I might become an artist.